Just showing off my homemade All Grain brewing system. This setup is housed in the back of my garage with a temperature controlled fermenting/wine bottle room. If you have any suggestions to make my brewing process easier, let me know in the comments.

Brewery equipment shown in this series:
5 Gallon Keg Kit:
Growler Werks:
Mini Keg:
CO2 Bottle Filler Tap Wand:
Large Brew Kettle:
Stainless Steel tables:
Red Wine Corker:
StarSan Sanitizer:
Big Brew fermenter:
Reverse Vacuum Filtered Coffee Maker:
Reusable Coffee filters:
Tabletop Butane Burner:

Comments or suggestions:

Here is the equipment I record on:
Canon EOS-R:
Canon 10mm-18mm Lens:
Rode NGT-2 Shotgun Mic:
Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Mic:
Voiceover Shure SM7B:

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