Want to know what I think is the BEST homebrewing setup? In this video I take you through my setup, whats involved & why I think its the BEST!

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00:00 – Intro/Overview
00:55 – HLT
01:22 – Mash Tun
01:40 – Boil Kettle
02:09 – Hybrid Brewing Setup
03:43 – Fermenting Setup
04:09 – Wort Chiller
05:26 – Final Thoughts

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Equipment/Items I Use:

RIMS Tube PID Controller:
Blichmann Hellfire Burner:
Temp Controller For Fermenters:
Exchilerator Counter Flow Chiller:

Magnetic Stir Plates(For Yeast Starters):
Magnetic Stir Bars:
2000mL Erlenmeyer Flask:

PBW Powdered Brewery Cleaner:
StarSan Sanitizer:
Sump Pump(CIP):

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