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In this brewing video we brewed the Tiny Bottom Pale Ale which is a beer created by Marshall Schott who founded Brülosophy. Brülosophy is a website all about beer and they’re best known for their beer experiments that dispel many myths about homebrewing. We highly recommend you check out Brülosophy, we can guarantee you’ll learn something useful by reading their articles. The Tiny Bottom Pale Ale recipe that Marshall created was originally created to grow and harvest yeast, but it turned out so well that the recipe has become one of Marshall’s favorites and one of our favorites too. It’s a unique homebrew recipe as well because it uses American malts and a European hop schedule. The malts consist of Pale malt, Caramel malt, Vienna, and Victory. The hop schedule consists of Magnum, Perle, and Fuggle hops. Everything was fermented with WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast from White Labs. We recommend you follow along with our recipe, brew this beer at home, and then have a dinner party, cookout, or tailgate and share this great beer with some friends. We recommend pairing this with cheesy foods like pizza or mexican dishes with spices like cumin, jalapeños, and cilantro combined with sour cream and avocado. Check out the resources below for a full recipe, brewing equipment, and the Brülosophy website.

Full Recipe Details: https://goo.gl/7jtTTd
Brewing Equipment Used: https://goo.gl/vrRhK7
Brulosophy: http://brulosophy.com

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