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A homemade version of Coors Banquet or Miller High Life beer? Possibly, but WAY better when made fresh at home. This video is about the American Standard Lager beer style; specifically the kind brewed with corn as an adjunct. Beer was pressure fermented to minimize off flavors, gelatin fined for clarity, kegged, carbonated, and ready to drink in just three weeks. It was a hit!
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American Standard (Corn) Lager Recipe:
PDF: https://beernbbqbylarry.com/BNBFiles/American_Standard_Corn_Lager.pdf
Excel: https://beernbbqbylarry.com/BNBFiles/American_Standard_Corn_Lager.xlsx

Lager Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJGQZwp3xofuwZis2x9mgp9UXLozknHbD

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