Beer Kit
With our DIY-kits, brewing your own beer or cider is a piece of cake. The Braufässchen homebrewing kit is the fastest and easiest way to brew your own beer at home.

– All the equipment you need is inside your kit: Unlike other Homebrewing kits, with ours you don’t need to buy any additional ingredients or brewing equipment. You simply need drinkable water.
– Preparation in only 10 minutes: Brewing beer is a process that normally takes a few hours of work and a lot of waiting time. We optimized this process allowing you to brew your beer in around 10 minutes.
– Brew in only one week: Producing beer is a process that usually takes at least 6 weeks from the moment you start the brewing to the moment you have your first sip of beer. With our kit, after only one week, you can already enjoy your homemade beer.
– No previous experience needed: Brewing beer is a complicated task where you need to be fully concentrated and trained, otherwise the whole result can go bad. However, having premeasured quantities, minimizes the margin of error, thus bring consistency of results to our finished beers.
– Natural Carbonation: No sugar is added in this brewing process as there is no second fermentation. Carbonation occurs naturally during only fermentation inside the barrel when the yeast eats the sugar from the malt to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide. This resulting carbon dioxide gives the carbonation to your beer.
– Beer with character (Unfiltered Beer): The beer you will produce with our Beer Making Kits is unfiltered beer, as there is no room to filter it like industrialized beer which is filtered in the factory. In Germany we call it “Naturtrüb”.

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