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Welcome to the pilot episode of Homebrew Retrospective! Entries in this series are essentially going to be a self-critique of everything. From my process, to my recipe decisions, the end product itself – all analyzed for the sake of learning. We often learn more from our mistakes than our successes, after all!

Of course, that’s not to say every brew I cover in this series will be a disasterpiece, just that this series will focus on the lessons learned rather than being presented as a “how-to” video. Today’s episode covers a tropical cider that landed somewhere in the middle – and turned out just as inoffensive as it was uninteresting.

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►My homebrew website: https://www.arrowtothemead.com

►All music used in these videos is free on Bandcamp!
Intro/Outro song: https://terrapart.bandcamp.com/track/turn-to-dust
Background music: https://arrowtothemead.bandcamp.com/releases

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