Home Brew Cider
Love Cider? It’s simple to make your own apple juice that you can then brew up some hard scrumpy cider that tastes delicious!!!

Here we show you how to chop, pulp and squeeze your apples to get the juice and then how to ferment, clear and bottle your own home made cider from lots of left over apples.

It’s easy to make your own cider and very satisfying knowing you can drink something you have made – but be careful, home made cider can be very potent.

Let us know how your cider turns out.

For more homebrew recipes, check out our website – https://www.brewbitz.com/pages/home-brew-recipes

Everything you need to make your cider at home, apart from the apples, is available at https://www.brewbitz.com

For small quantities, a food processor is great to pulp the apples. For larger quantities, you can turn a piece of wood into a masher, or you can get a machine that rips the apples apart. These are called a scratter – https://www.brewbitz.com/collections/presses-crushers – and we have them for sell and for hire.

Once you have pulped your apples, then you need to press them to get the apple juice.

You can freeze or pasteurise this juice if you want to keep it as juice or you can do as we do and turn it into cider 🙂

Making scrumpy is simple. You can use the natural yeasts on the apples, but after going to all this work to get the juice, we feel its better to subdue the natural yeasts using a campden tablet and then force the fermentation with a commercial yeast. This will do all the hard work of turning the sugar to alcohol, and the wild yeasts will do their thing in the background and create some interesting flavours.

Once the cider is fermented it will be quite dry. This is normal as the yeast eat all the sugar. If you want your cider to be sweet, then you will need to add either a non fermentable sugar – https://www.brewbitz.com/collections/sugar-spraymalt/products/wine-sweetener-sodium-saccharin-50ml – before bottling, or add sugar when you open your bottle.
If you choose to sweeten it when you open your bottle to drink, then the best way to do this is to make a sugar syrup of 1 Tablespoon of granulated sugar with 1 Tablespoon of boiling water. Dissolve all the sugar and then pour this into your glass of cider. A gentle stir and the sugar syrup will be evenly dispersed into your pint.

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