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Here is a full review of my new Pinter home brew kit. The Pinter is a world-first innovation that allows you to make 10 pints of brewery fresh beer that’s affordable, sustainable and tastes incredible – all from the comfort of home.

10 Pints Free! Use this link:

Is this the Ultimate home brewing kit? I think so! It’s so simple and easy to use but most of all the beer tastes great. You can make beer, ales, larger and pilsner with this brewing kit.

I started off with their Stars and Stripes. It tastes really good so I’m looking forward to making more of this great tasting beer.

It comes from the The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co. I paid £75 including delivery and that includes 20 pints of beer.

If I can do it anyone can so go to and treat yourself.

The tutorial of how to make great beer is easy to follow so you can’t really go wrong. This home brewing kit looks cool too and will make your friends jealous.

Any questions put them in the comments section and I will get back to you. If hiking, backpacking and wild camping are your thing then please SUBSCRIBE @Backpacking UK

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