Home Brew Cider
Want a quick cider, but don’t want to pulp, press and juice some apples?
Here’s an easy method to brew cider quickly in 1 container in just 7 days

All you need is some supermarket apple juice. Ideally it shouldn’t have preservative in it.
Cider yeast – https://www.brewbitz.com/ll/207-youngs-cider-yeast-5g.html
Air Lock

The basics.
Get 5 cartons (5 litres) of supermarket apple juice. Use the cheap stuff or use the expensive fresh pressed juice – its up to you.
Add this to a brewing bucket or a Demi-John.
Add a sachet of brewing yeast.
put the lid on and leave for 1 week.
Siphon the cider off the sediment into bottles.

When you come to drink it, if it is a little dry, stir in some sugar to sweeten the cider. All sweet ciders are sweetened after it has finished fermenting.

If you want to be more throrough, then check out our other videos on how to make cider – https://youtu.be/zsg0da-XOMk

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