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Can I brew cask ale at home? | The Craft Beer Channel

With the pubs shut, Jonny has been really missing hand-pumped real ale, so he sets off on a journey of discovery to see if he can brew it and serve it at home. Teaming up with Five Points Brewery, he gets an epic Best Bitter recipe and finds everything he needs on the internet. Now, he’s just got to work how to use it all. So – is brewing cask ale at home possible? Part II is coming next week!

Want to try this at home? We got our handpump from Ebay (RLBS), our Bag in Boxes from gtonlineshop.com, our homebrew supplies from maltmiller.co.uk and our hops from hukinshops.co.uk!

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Remember to drink responsibly(ish) and not be that guy…

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