In this Homebrewing 101 video I give you the ultimate guide to cleaning and sanitizing your homebrew equipment. It’s the first thing beginner homebrewers can master to be on there way to making better beer at home!

Learn how to clean homebrew equipment, how to sanitize it, and then I will go over some common myths and misconceptions.

TheBruSho is your guide to make home brewing simplified. From beginner lessons to tip and tricks to equipment breakdowns, all to give you the confidence to brew your first beer and beyond. Together we will see what shortcuts can be taken to make the brew day easier and get a fermented beverage in your glass faster.

EQUIPMENT (Affiliate Links):
PBW (Brew Cleaner):
Star San (Sanitizer):
Stiff Brush:
Home Brew Kit:

Homebrew 4 Life on OxiClean:

Brülosophy Article on Star San:

0:00 Intro
0:34 Cleaning vs Sanitizing
1:24 Cleaning
3:20 Sanitizing
4:58 Myth & Misconceptions
5:49 Recap

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