It is time for an educational video that looks at SMASH (single malt and single hop) beers.
This video will guide you through designing SMASH beers with key advice around the “do’s and don’ts”. I also put forward why this type of recipe is so useful to those of all experience levels as well as how it can be used as a template for spontaneous brewing. I also include a SMASH beer recipe example of my own for reference.
Here is that recipe:-

Citra Smash APA – 6%
Created with Brewfather and shared Publicly
Brewfather recipe link:-

Author: David Heath
Type: All Grain

IBU : 35 (Tinseth)
Color : 11 EBC

Original Gravity : 1.049
Final Gravity : 1.003

Brewing system used:- 65L Brewzilla
Batch Size : 20 L

Will work fine with other brewing systems capable of 20L and can be converted to any desired volume in Brewfather brewing software or similar.

Mash Efficiency : 80%

Mash Profile

65 °C / 149 °F – 60 min – Temperature
75 °C / 167 °F – 10 min – Mash Out


4 kg / 8,8 lbs – Pale Ale 8 EBC (100%)


60 min- Citra – 14 IBU

15 min-Citra – 8 IBU
5 min- Citra – 6 IBU

Hop Stand (0 mins/ Flame out)

15 min hopstand @ 85 °C / 185 °F
Citra – 6 IBU

3/4 teaspoon of Bootleg Biology OSLO Kveik

Fermentation Profile

28 °C / 82 °F – 7 days – Primary only
Channel links:-

Introduction music:- Drink Beer (Till The Day That I Die) by Dazie Mae

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