Home Brew Cider
Home Brew: Vimto Cider, 7% ABV (Turbo Cider Method, Brewed in a 5 Litre Fermentation Vessel) https://youtu.be/b96BLDptlys .

Hi folks, in this film I make an extremely simple, yet very tasty Vimto cider. This is done using the turbo coder method of adding apple juice from concentrate and a bottle of full-sugar Vimto cordial.

The recipe is as simple as follows:

1. Add four litres of apple juice from concentrate into the fermentation vessel.
2. Add a full bottle of Vimto cordial into the fermentation vessel.
3. Add a heaped teaspoonful of Bulldog Cider Yeast into the fermentation vessel.

Leave this to fully ferment until all fermentation activity ceases (this took 2 months).

The cider should clear naturally, then it can be bottled with a heaped teaspoonful of sugar, this creates a secondary bottle fermentation, which creates carbonation so that the end cider is fizzy.

The end result is a very sweet and fruity Vimto flavoured cider, which I’m really impressed with. I’ll definitely make this again in future.

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