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A homebrewer shouldn’t restrict themselves to beer, wine, cider, or mead – we aren’t just meadmakers, we’re fans of homemade hard cider, too! So today, we’ll show you how to brew cider at home with our easy pineapple cider tutorial! This recipe was inspired by a conversation we had over on r/cider, and it’s as simple as it gets! Ferment apple juice and frozen pineapple concentrate, then add pineapple to secondary fermentation! Here’s the full recipe:

5 gallons PRESERVATIVE FREE apple juice
5 cans frozen pineapple juice concentrate
1oz Fermax Wine Nutrient
3 packs qa23 yeast

After fermentation finishes, you have several options. You could add priming sugar and bottle it – it will be dry, crisp, and fizzy! Or you could stabilize it, backsweeten it, and keg it – sweet and fizzy! Or you could add a non-fermentable sugar, like Erythritol, to have it sweet and bottle carbed!

See the original pineapple cider video, here – https://youtu.be/xTKTw1xRh-I

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If you’re just starting to homebrew, check out this beginner equipment kit from MoreBeer –

You can buy that stainless steel stirring rod, here – https://www.homebrewohio.com/the-stainless-steel-mix-stir/?afmc=1d

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