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Attempt at a clone of the Stone and Wood Pacific Ale. Based on several recipes I’ve found online with a couple of my own tweaks.

Tim’s channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgoKLTRac-YABjWZE-Mv1PA

Recipe basics
10L batch (scale up it needed)
60 minute mash @ 66C
60 minute boil
60% Gladfield American Ale Malt (1.8KG)
40% Gladfield Wheat Malt (1.2KG)
+5% of the total bill in rice or oat hulls to act
as a filter due to the high % of wheat.
50gms Galaxy hops – flameout (whirlpooled with a large spoon) as quickly as possible. Was about 7 mins to drop the temperature from 100 down to 80C. The temperature in this range extracts bitterness from the hops. Approx 30-35 IBU in this case. Then let it sit at 80C for another 13 mins (total 20 mins).The idea of doing this is to extract as much flavour from the hops while still giving you the bitterness you need.
50gms Galaxy hops 3 dry hop
US05 or similar yeast
18C ferment
30IBU approx

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