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Here Brewbitz’s Davin shows you how simple it is to make 40 pints of the great Smuggler’s Special Ale by Muntons. This is one of our best selling kits, if you’ve not tried it yet then give it a go, you will not be disappointed!

Here’s a link to this beer:

You can use this method on all 2 can beer kits that do not need extra sugar.

Put the tins of liquid malt extract in a bowl of hot tap water for 10 mins. This will make the glupe less viscous.

While the tins are soaking, sterilise a bucket, spoon, hydrometer, jug & thermometer.

Put the kettle on as you will need 6 pints of boiling water.

Open the tins and pour the glupe into the setrilised bucket.

Pour 1 pint of boiling water into each tin and rinse out the remaining glupe.

Pour these 2 pints of water into the bucket.

Add 4 more pints of boiling water to the bucket and stir until all the liquid malt extract has been dissolved.

Top up the bucket to 23 litres with cold tap water and stir to combine everything together.

Check the temperature. It should be between 18°C and 22°C. If not leave to cool / warm until it is in this temperature range.

Check the Specific Gravity with a hydrometer and record the reading for later use.

Now add the yeast, pop on the lid and put in a warm place so the temp of the beer remains at 18°C and 22°C.

Ferment for 7 to 10 days or until all signs of activity has ceased.

Check with your hydrometer and the Specific Gravity should now be around 1.010. If it’s a little higher, then leave it a few more days to finish fermenting.

Once it has finished, it’s time to barrel or bottle.

There is sediment in the fermenting vessel, so be careful when moving not to disturb the sediment.

Put the fermenting vessel on a counter top with another sterilised bucket below.

Siphon the beer into the new bucket, being careful not to disturb the sediment in the top bucket.

Now add 50g of sugar to the beer and gently stir to dissolve the sugar. do not whip the beer as this will cause air to be incorporated and that can cause the beer to go off.

Now bottle or barrel your beer.

Put your bottles / barrel back in your warm place for 48 hours and then transfer somewhere cool for a few weeks to condition.

Now drink and enjoy.

Remember to drink responsibly.

PLEASE NOTE: box artwork has now changed. Same great beer, different packaging.

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