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Strawberry Hard Cider with Store Bought Juice. We once made a strawberry cider, but we didn’t record it as we weren’t making videos back then. However! We recently tasted this cider again, and thought… “We need to make strawberry cider!”. So here we are. We’re using store bought apple juice and frozen strawberries, a little sugar and some S-04 yeast to make this. It’s a fairly simple cider, but one you might enjoy and it’s ready to drink a lot more quickly than many other brews!

Strawberry Cider Tasting – Should we Brew This Cider?: https://youtu.be/5UALoxDVF9I
How to Make Strawberry Cider – Finishing and Bottling: https://youtu.be/M3OhDe1KXmQ
Strawberry Cider Tasting – So Just how is this Strawberry Cider?: https://youtu.be/DwybtnLxW0U
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Ingredients (for primary stage):
1 Gallon Apple Juice (minus some for headspace) 
1 pound Sugar 
Safale S-04: https://amzn.to/37Pr65t
You might want to have 2 lbs of frozen strawberries too!

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