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I was wanting to get a drinkable beer ready for some family coming to visit. I decided a Pale Ale would be a good style and that Voss Kveik was the yeast to get it done quickly. I’ve used this yeast before so I knew what it was capable of especially when fermented at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. As you’ll see in the video, I started out wanting to make a SMaSH beer but ended up being short on Pale Malt. So I improvised and added a bit of Golden Promise to the mix. I did stick with Cashmere hops only for this brew and it came out very well with citrus notes from the yeast and hops and a bit of an herbal note from the Cashmere.
Cheers and Thanks for watching!!!!

Recipe: https://share.brewfather.app/VctDpP7DJYdx2h

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