Anvil Foundry All Grain Brewing System 1st brew day and beginners guide. No software needed grab your Anvil Manual and follow along. I cover water adjustments and a few other tips along the way.

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Stuff I use all the time
pH Meter I use
Drill I use for my grain mill
1/2″ tubing I use
Best keg washer
Co2 Regualtor
Co2 supply line
The fan I use in my hood
Glass rinser in my bar
Delta glass rinser

My gear
Canon M6 Mark ii
Speed Booster
Main lens
2nd camera
Lens adapter
Lav Mic for livestreams

Click the time code to jump to the section of video:
0:47 Water volumes.
1:11 Water adustment.
1:37 Delayed start.
2:33 Mashing in.
3:48 Mash recirculation.
5:08 Malt pipe flow.
8:55 Sparge.
11:17 Boil.
12:06 Chiller.
15:10 ULWD Performance.
15:18 Final thoughts.
16:40 BLOOPERS!!

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