You should be making cold brew from home instead of paying 4 bucks for a single cup of it. You’ll save a ton of money and you have full control over the coffee

In the video I actually kind of forgot to mention the difference between the two different methods (nice). Basically the hot bloom produces a slightly brighter and more full bodied coffee. The other immersion method creates a more rich and smooth flavor. They do make a big difference depending on which you choose!


The Coffee Sock (if you would prefer to use this):
CoffeeSock ColdBrew Filter – GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filter (CB64-01):
64 oz. Wide Mouth Half Gallon Jars (Pack of 6):
Pyrex® Prepware Glass Measuring Cup:
Chemex® 6-Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker:

Music by Jef:

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