Homebrewing Magic Items and Weapons on D&D Beyond. Lauren Urban and Todd Kenreck look at how to create and modify your own magic items for use in your games or to share with others.

0:00 Intro
2:00 How Publishing Homebrew Works
6:23 Base Weapon & Description
9:18 Charges
10:09 Adding Spells to Magic Items
11:47 Adding Conditions that Magic Item Applies
12:34 Adding Modifiers to Magic Items
23:34 Weapon Charges for Upcasting
25:16 Versions of Homebrew
30:09 Scaling level effects on items
31:24 Adding Resistances to items
33:04 Adding art to homebrew
36:23 Instruments as Magic items
38:38 Magic Armor without Proficiency
41:32 Creating a +1 Unarmed Strike
42:12 Creating a Eldritch Blast Cannon
45:45 Creating a Bee Launcher
48:20 Additional Damage Types
49:39 Changing number of Attunements
52:38 Favorite Homebrew Items
55:29 Where to get more help

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Todd Kenreck is a host and Creative Manager for D&D Beyond, as well as the DM of Beyond Heroes and Avren in Silver & Steel. Follow him on Twitter:

Lauren “Oboe” Urban is a professional oboist and community manager for D&D Beyond. She is the Dungeon Master of @DungeonDrunks, Orkira on Beyond Heroes, Cally on Silver & Steel, and Roc on Demonplague. Follower her on Twitter:

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