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In this episode, Brew Nub members Joey and Mike brew their first one-gallon Oktoberfest Ale Beer kit from Craft A Brew. Watch the video to see how we brew our homebrew from start to finish!

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Time Codes:
0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Opening The Brew Kit
1:07 – Reviewing Tools Needed
2:11 – Brewing Process
3:20 – Steeping grains
5:16 – Add Dry Malt Extract
6:46 – Adding Hops (First Half In Start Of Boil, Second Half 2 Minute Before Boil Ends )
7:45 – Ice Bath
8:13 – Sanitize Carboy & Tools
9:00 – Transfer Wort To Carboy
10:05 – Add Yeast
11:35 – Blow Off Tube
13:22 – Airlock
14:00 – Outro (Like and Subscribe 😊)

Oktoberfest Ale Beer Recipe Kit:
Oktoberfest Ale Beer Recipe Kit

Auto Siphon:

Fermtech ProFiller Bottling Wand for Beer and Wine:

Five Star – Star San – 16 Ounce – Brew Sanitizer High Foaming Acid Anionic

This beer brewing starter kit comes with all the supplies you need to be a master brewer & make a classic Oktoberfest Ale, including:
1-Gallon carboy
Racking Cane
Rubber Stopper
Transfer tubing and thumb clamp
Guide to Craft Brewing
Oktoberfest Ale Recipe kit

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