It’s time to brew beer again, together with my cousin Enrico. In this video we are going to use his Easy Brew 50L all-in-one automatic brewing system to brew a fantastic New England IPA. It is a programmable RIMS system which makes this homebrew adventure a breeze. For this New England style IPA (NEIPA) we will use a ton of the following hops – Cascade, Mosaic, Citra and Galena. I am going to show you the entire beer brewing process: crushing the grains, mashing, filtering, boiling with hops, cooling, fermenting, bottling and not skipping the most important step: tasting the freshest beer I have ever tasted. The recipe is based on the book DIY Dog from the world famous Scottish brewery BrewDog. It is an improved version of the recipe that we brewed in the previous beer brewing video. See links below for more info about the beer.

This NEIPA recipe:
Previous recipe:
Brewers Friend priming sugar calculator:
BrewDog’s recipe book DIY Dog:

Contents of this video:
00:00 – Intro
01:01 – NEIPA Ingredients
02:12 – Mashing
03:36 – Filtering and sparging
04:15 – Boiling with hops
04:58 – Cooling wort down
05:19 – Fermenting
06:41 – Dry hopping
06:54 – Bottling
08:43 – Outro

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