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Strapped for time before St Patrick’s Day? In this video I show you how to make an Irish Red Ale, which is very easy to take from grain to glass in a week. By pitching a very healthy yeast starter and by oxygenating with pure O2, I was able to get fermentation to complete in just 5 days! This version of an Irish Red has more interesting and complex flavor than the more common recipes give, being more akin to a red colored ordinary bitter. Its full of bready, toasty, biscuit flavors with some nuttiness and just the right amount of earthy hop character to keep it in balance. There’s a little bit of toffee flavor in there, but less caramel flavor than in normal Irish Reds. This beer ended up being SUPER drinkable and goes down very easily.
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Recipe for 5 gallons, your efficiency may vary:

“To Cure What Ales Ye”

5.7% ABV 24 IBU

9.5 lb Maris Otter (76.6%)
1.5 lb Red-X (12.4%)
0.25 lb Flaked Barley (2.1%)
0.25 lb Biscuit Malt (2.1%)
0.25 lb Special Roast (2.1%)
0.25 lb Crystal/Caramel 120L (2.1%)
1 oz (28g) Roasted Barley (0.05%)

Mash at 150 F (65 C) for 90 min

Water (ppm): Ca: 86, Mg: 10, Na: 36, SO4: 130, Cl: 84, HCO3: 94
Add 5g Gypsum, 3g Epsom, 4g CaCl and 4g Baking Soda to 8 gal (30 L) of distilled water

60 minute boil
60 min – Add 1.5 oz (42g) East Kent Goldings (4.4% AA)
15 min – Add 0.5 oz (14g) East Kent Goldings

OG: 1.051

Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale/Imperial Darkness

Ferment at 62-68 F (16-20 C) for 10-14 days. Feel free to ferment higher if you want to push more fruity esters. Oxygenating heavily and pitching a healthy yeast starter will drastically shorten fermentation time.

FG: 1.008
0:00 Intro and Welcome
0:29 Style Description and Approach
2:38 Recipe
6:49 Mash
7:50 Boil and Yeast Pitch
8:56 Fermentation Plan
11:40 Fermentation Follow-Up
13:20 Pour and Tasting Notes
19:34 Potential Improvements
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