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FOUNDATION BEER INGREDIENT KITS are perfect for beginners. With easy to follow steps in brewing fundamentals. You will make the wort, add bittering extract and flavouring hops and pitch yeast for fermentation. All while practising temperature control and good sanitation. These are all skills to becoming a master brewer.

Even though these are beginner-friendly kits, seasoned brewers enjoy the simplicity that these kits bring. Brewing consistent, great-tasting beer, at a fraction of the cost of store-bought brews. In fact, this premium quality beer kit will cost approximately 60p per pint! You can’t beat that.

What does a Foundation Beer Ingredient Kit Contain?
– GEB Liquid Malt Extract – All the Geterbrewed kits contain the finest liquid malt available. This is wort that has been concentrated and simply needs rehydrating to be able to start fermentation
– Isomerised Hop Extract – Fine-tuning the bitterness level of the beer
– Hop Pellets in innovative tea bags – Maximum flavour & aroma from the world’s best hop merchants
– Brewers Yeast Strains – always premium quality to ensure successful fermentations

What is a good beer making ingredient kit?
All our GET ER BREWED Beer Kits have been designed to create the best possible beer using the finest ingredients. Drawing on our wealth of experience as brewers and industry contacts, we have put together industry-leading beer kits that deliver consistently impressive results.

Buy a Foundation beer making ingredient kit:

For the HOME BREWERS, we have a huge selection of the best ingredients and brewing equipment for all levels from Extract to All Grain Brewing available on our website with Express Worldwide shipping:

For the MICRO BREWERIES, our purpose built warehouse and storage facilities ensure that you get the finest and freshest ingredients backed up by great customer care, expertise and a genuine love for brewing.

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