Field Guide to Liminal Space is a third-party Lance homebrew supplement made by Vox, PsyBomb & Ikiryo, that features 3 whole companies and a setting based around the New Agartha Station, populated by 50 millions and has a secret of its own!

It’s currently on Kickstarter so you can check it out here ( ), or you can check the old version that’s still available on Tumblr, in pieces ( )

I will be including a link directly to the completed pdf here once it’s well, completed.

Oh yeah next stretch goal hit and here’s the open beta google doc to the alt frames ( ) still very in testing phase though!

Also the homebrew supplement is finally out, on Drivethrurpg! ( )





The content of the video is purely for parody. All artworks, images, music, sounds and anything that aren’t directly created by me belong respectively to their rightful owners.

#LancerRPG #Homebrew #LiminalSpace

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