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Let’s get into some unofficial D&D products! My patrons voted and this time we’re talking about subclasses! So here are my Top 8 favorite homebrew subclasses. What’s your favorite?

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Introduction 00:00
Top 8 Homebrew Subclasses:
8. Tyromancy Wizard 03:29
7. Alienist Wizard 05:13
6. Sacred Fist Monk 10:06
5. Templar Fighter 13:02
4. Tattooed Monk 15:18
3. Circle of the Bond Druid 19:17
2. Ninja Rogue 24:34
1. Renegade Fighter 28:35

8. Tyromancy Wizard
7. Alienist Wizard
6. Sacred Fist Monk
5. Templar Fighter
4. Tattooed Monk
3. Circle of the Bond Druid
2. Ninja Rogue
1. Renegade Fighter

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